"I'm no hero. I put my bra on one boob at a time like everyone else."

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I was told people were looking for the original poster and photo, so here it is folks.

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That awkward moment when you procrastinate things you actually want to do and you don’t even know why

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His fucking face

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Sophie Turner for ASOS Magazine

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One day in Disneyland I decided to hunt down all the Princesses because I was so inspired with this photo series “#followmeto.” So I present to you the DISNEY PRINCESS VERSION OF IT!

It took me a day to find 8 of them, and two of them took me the next day because all the Princesses leave once the sun goes down in Disneyland. BUT I HAD A BLAST WITH ALL OF THEM! I HAD SO MUCH FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN with these photoshoots. If you want me to post the ones with the Classic characters and the other ones too just message me! PLEASE DON’T REPOST! JUST REBLOG! OR IF YOU DO, JUST TAG, @frncissdominc! I HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY THESE AS MUCH AS I HAVE TAKEN THEM! :D! 


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James Mcavoy’s laugh phases, moderate to laughing his ass off.x

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I bet Zeus became a lot more open-minded after having Athena.

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